Welcome, All


The Clouds asked: what are you waiting for?  The sky opened up its arms wide, asking you about your dumbfounded, constant waiting on something?  The wind lacked the logic, the rains, delayed, the wind and the rain came down, making you wet, you’d, held your ground, extended your arms, opened up your eyes, not resting, not sleeping, just stood, alone, between heaven and earth.

The enemy of the sparrows, such, noble servants!  Chased after those wizard-like sparrows, there are, too many threats in the world, that can’t deter from moving forth, the hunched back of the owner, he’d dressed the nostalgia from missing his own children onto you, and started, hoping that a bird to come to get the worms, or the leaves even, in between what’s real and what’s not, finding that sense of symbiosis, and you’d, become a friend, rather than an enemy, just wanted to let those sparrows who’d traveled long and far, rest, upon your shoulders.

not my photograph…

Welcome!  This patch of dried up land hadn’t been greeted by people for a long time, you’d, listened close with your ears, the twists and turns of time started singing that beautiful tune, waiting, for this patch of polluted land to get renewed, as long as the laughter of children, to pass through the ground again, to grow into, the blooming broccoli flowers, you kept standing, felt that it’s beautiful, just, waiting on things to happen, enough, for those sparrows to, live again, in the fields once more, or in your memories, it’d be, more than worth it for you.

So, you see, how there’s still that undying hope at the end, no matter how barren the land became, due to pollution or whatever, and that, is the spirit that the scarecrows teach us, to just stand guard, watch over the fields, to keep at our posts, and eventually, things will be right again.








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