Accompanying Him, with My Bravery, ‘Til the Very End of Life

You’re blessed, with more time, to get yourself ready for losing that beloved pet, and, you should, cherish this chance that was, given to you, because NOT all of us gets that chance, translated…

a hard lesson, but we must all learn it!!!

My Di, from a little stray child, turned into, a precious pet for the family, he’d helped me fulfill my long-time wish: walking with a large breed dog along the side of the hills, to welcome the first ray of the sun together, to see the setting sun, and, staying close to my feet, passed through many wonderful, afternoons filled with music, coffee, and writing too.

Fourteen years had come and gone, Di passed through the prime of his ytears, following that, was the ailing, aging process.  Early one morning about three months ago, he went into shock because of heart failure due to old age, the days I looked after him afterwards.  I saw into his mind through his eyes, he’d wanted a drink of water, he’s in pain, or, he’s okay, my mood too, swung with his physical conditions.  When he felt better, he’d struggled to stand back up, unsteadied, walked around this house of ours, as if, to do a final tour of his own life here.  I’d once whispered into Di’s ears, “if it’s painful, then, let go, I’m strong, and ready, to let you go, just let go, it’s, okay!” but actually, I was NOWHERE near ready, nor was I strong enough!

And I guess, that Di knew that I was lying to him, that in his bad condition, which the vets aren’t even optimistic, he’d made a complete recovery, became his old self again.  But, there’s no treating his already damaged heart, and I knew, that this, was only, a temporary kind of feeling better, to give me a chance, to ready myself, for losing him.

not my memorial…

And now, my one and only hope is, that when Di and I need to say our goodbyes, I’ll be brave enough, to accompany by his side, until the very end, with no fears during the process, with the richness of love we have for one another, to gaze up to and down on each other.

So, you were, given a chance, to say your proper goodbye to this pet you’d raised and loved very much, it’s a blessing to you, because sometimes, animals don’t make a recovery like that, and this is fate’s way, of preparing you for your beloved pet’s death…






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