Alone, Together…

We’re, finally, ALL alone, together, at last!!!  Alone together, how’s that even possible, and, if you’re alone, shouldn’t you be all by yourself, alone, on your own?  how does the “extra man” fit into all of this, huh?

Alone, together, this, is our lives together, we’d been living alone together, side-by-side, interacting more like roommates than married or dating couples now, and, frankly, I’m, really, dissatisfied about the way things are going now, how we’re relating to one another, how we got along with each other.

…not my photograph.

Alone, together, this became, the only way we know of, to interact with each other.  Living together, was not such a great idea, especially we don’t even know who WE are, how can we fall in love with people who don’t know who each other is???

not my photo still.

Alone together, this, will be the way we will relate to each other, we were never really actually connected after all, I just thought that we were, but, we weren’t, actually, now I know it, and, I’m finally, moving on………


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