Reflected, by the Mirrors


The great Spanish architect, Antoni Gaudi once said, “Straight lines belong to men, and the curves belonged to God”.  For this, I’d especially gone to Casa Milá, to visit the architecture he’d, left behind.

As I was feeling the awe, over his creations, trying to understand how he was able to use the fluidity of the natural materials, I’d, accidentally, caught a glimpse of my own reflections.

That bright mirror, lain flat underneath the hanging chains from the ceiling.  From the reflection of that mirror, you can see how the building would look as it was built up, to make sure that it was, built on, stable grounds.

西班牙天才建築師安東尼.高第曾說:「直線屬於人類,曲線屬於上帝。」 梁正宏/攝影photo from the papers…

And still, how often we’d ignored these simple lines, the reflections, the smaller things in life, how the distance of the rope between the mirror and the place it hung down from, was the right place for it.

I couldn’t help but think to myself ecstatically, could life be like this too, through the images of the mirror, we’ll find, that needed release of the burdens of our own lives?

Turns out, the mirrored reflection, is that of the self.

So, this, is what you’d come to the conclusions of, catching a reflection of yourself, in a mirror that’s not hung in the normal places, like on that wall, and this gave you a different way of perceiving things, doesn’t it???


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