Remembering Our Better Days…

Remembering our better days, it is, hard, for me to, because, as I recalled those better days, I’d wondered to myself, about how you and I are now, and, where, did our better days go?  They’re, all gone!

Remembering our better days, I can’t, I’m sorry, because I looked back, and sure, there are those, sporadic moments in time, where you and I were, good together, but, all those moments, they don’t add up, and even out with the bad ones…

and this, is what that looks like, NOT my picture…

Remembering our better days, why bother?  There were, NO better days for us, we weren’t even right to begin with!  Remembering our better days, I don’t need to, I just need to, focus on what comes after “us”, what comes after you now, because there was never a “we”, or even, an “us”, it’s always been me, myself, and I, all alone, on my own, and you?  You were only that sporadic, momentary lapse of judgment I’d had from time to time.


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