Watching Fireflies, a Poem


Circling, within the Universe Outside

Along with the Outer Rims of the Outside, of the Outside

The Secret Codes of Stars Twinkling

not my photograph…

Constantly, Being, Rearranged by Time, Being Deciphered

As for the Truth, Still, Hidden, Somewhere, in the Depth of the Universe

The Nirvana We Sought, So Distant, Beyond the Stars, Yet, Very Close, Right Before Our Eyes

Found, in the Smiles of the Full Blooming of the Tung Tree

The Stars that Were, Spread Down onto the Hills

To Repay the Kindness of that Unpolluted Creek and Forest

Keeping, This Patch of Wonderland that Illuminates

a great place ot catch the lights of the fireflies at night…

They Gathered, at the Grassland, by the Forest, by the Creeks

To Hold Their Annual Secret Conference, and Mission Too

They’d Excitedly, Signaled One Another

Fast and Slow, All Over the Places

The Blinking Lights, Working Hard, to Find that Frequency that Connected Just Right

To Decipher the Secrets of the Codes of the Universe

what the fireflies looked like in “bundles”…

The Poems I’d Dreamed of During the Nights All Became Words

Each and Every Word Glowed On

Surrounding Her, the Twinkling Became the Countless Stars in the Skies

And so, Every Single Night, They’d Worked Hard, Compiling Up the Words

But as They Woke, They’d Found

That All that They’d Collected on the Previous Night

Became Scattered Dewdrops All Around Them

So, this, is the life of the firefly then?  They work so hard, twinkling, making themselves know, and for what?  To ATTRACT a mate so they can pass their genes to the next generation, but, is that all that matters in life, reproducing?  An insect’s life, is a WHOLE lot simpler than a human’s life, I’ll give you that!!!


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