A Natural-Born Observer of Nature


Using the “title” of a “natural-born observer of nature” to call my mother-in-law, there’s no such closer description of what she loves, my mother-in-law carried that keen sense of observation toward things in nature, by hearing the calls of the birds, she could tell which kinds they were, and, she’d also, known a bunch of plants, trees, flowers by their names too.

I’d gone on the weekends with my mother-in-law, to hike, other than increasing my own stamina, I’d mostly enjoyed feeling the baptisms of Mother Nature. We’d, climbed up the steps of the hiking trails, my mother-in-law would remind me to slow down, to adjust my breathing, to pay close attention to the biosphere all around me.

not my photograph…

A turn, the Formosan whistling thrush was showing off its purple feathers, resting, on the rock, by the streams; the sound of the Muyu being hit resonated through the wooded area, following the sound, I saw that beautiful bird, the Taiwan barbet, all of these feasts provided by nature had, washed away the week’s worth of my worries, being buried alive by the demands of the world, I’m truly, grateful, for my mother-in-law, in guiding me into this scene.

This beautiful gift was, passed down to the third generation after I’d had my first born son, my son, in the cares of my mother-in-law, started using his senses, to experience the outside world, and after he’d learned to walk, the two of them ventured farther out, into the nearby neighborhoods, the local parks, as well as the walking passes.

birdwatching 的圖片結果not my photograph…

Every morning or afternoon, the two of them, grandmother and grandson would head out to their course in observing of the natural world, with the passing of time, they two of them had gone all over the suburbs of Beitou; and, at the end of winter, the start of spring, they’d gone into the cherry blossom tunnel in Fuxing Third Road, to observe the cherry blossoms in full bloom, they’d imagined that they were, in Japan, with the cherry blossoms, falling down around them like snow; as the cicada got louder and louder in May, they’d followed the signs of the cicada skins, and tracked to where the larvae live. My son once bore witness to the cicada, shedding its outer shells, he’d exclaimed about the magical qualities of life; and, as the Malayan night heron eating the earthworms, the kingfisher, grazing across the rivers, the Taiwan barbet breeding, nesting, providing for their young, and the careful whitebreasted waterhen, pecking for food in the bushes………all of it, is captured, in the notebooks of nature that the grandmother-grandson kept.

In the theory of multiple intelligence proposed by Gardner, it’d included natural observations, and, being affected by his grandmother’s loves, my son had, acquired that too, not only did he come to understand and know the assortments of plants and animals, he was also able to, cultivate that respect of life, and the courage to discover the outside world.

birdwatching 的圖片結果not my photo still…

We’d cherished the time we have with the elderly, being elderly doesn’t necessarily mean withering away, this is proven, on my mother-in-law, the white hairs on the elders are, a sign of wisdom, and I want to dedicate this short essay, to my beloved and respected mother-in-law, thanking her, for giving us all, a good experience in life.

So, this, is how well this family gets along, because the narrator shows an appreciation toward her mother-in-law’s showing her and the family a wonderful time in nature, and, this family will interact well, because the mother-in-law is very kind, and shares everything she’d found that’s been interesting with the ones she loved.


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