An Empty House


Since she’d come home, the woman had become, an insomniac, would wake up, wide-eyed, in the middle of the nights, and, as she woke, she’d not just smelled this light fume that’s taken over her bedroom, and had heard the smallest noises from the empty house next door. Sometimes, it’s the cries of infants, at others, the screeches of the cats, and, every now and then, the arguing of the couple that lived next door.

not my picture…

The woman remembered, that house next door had been, vacant and deserted for a long time, and, as she’d imagined, opening up the door, the fume of mold and mildew entered into her nostrils, and, all around, there were, cobwebs, the house looked haunted. And, based off of logic, there wouldn’t be ANY sound coming from it at ANY time, unless, someone’s trying to scare people.

In order to get to the bottom of this, the woman told herself to be brave, and went to the empty house next door to check things out, it’s just, that before she made it out of the house tonight, there came loud banging from next door, and someone hollered out to her, is it enough already! You’re the one who turned on the gas stoves to commit suicide, you got what’s coming to you, why did you have to haunt us, every single night!

So, the narrator was actually the one who’d haunted the house, and the writer’s way of describing it gives the reader an alternative point of view of things, and, it wasn’t until that last night, did the readers find out what this short prose was all about…

not my photograph…



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