A Pile of Emotions…

A pile of emotions, left, scattered, around this house, I’d walked into, this god DAMN trap after work, didn’t know what was in store, but, the moment I’d stepped into the house, I felt, that something was kinda off in the air, and, as I’d turned around, attempted to excape, you’d, grabbed, a hold onto me.

just like that, a whole lotta M-E-S-S!!!

A pile of emotions, left, all over the places, they all belonged, to you, mostly, some of them, were mine, but mostly, they were, yours. A plie of emotions had, polluted this sanctuary of mine, and, they were all, from you, you’d had, a bad day at work, got passed over for that promotion you were so positive you would get, but you didn’t, and, you were, stuck in traffic for almost TWO hours, driving home, and, by the time you’d stepped into the house, the pile of emotions you’d carried with you during the day, all crumbled down.

A pile of emotions, that, is what’s, left of this so-called marriage, no love, not hate, no anger, not even, betrayals, just, that pile, of messed up, messy emotions, left, inside this, house we’d built, for love, a long, long time ago………

 yeah, like that,  but intangible, in untouchable forms…








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