When You Appeared


With the glasses clinking for the toasting, familiar faces, they showed up, one by one, and, in the laughters, the rantings of all around, I’d heard others, exclaiming, hollering out, to someone saying that s/he has, changed so much, and the entrance of the party was, decorated like the entrance of the runways, and, those who have the right to cheer others on, are a group of us, former classmates.

But, the moment you appeared, it’s as, if time stood still. You’d not changed one bit, and, your flair, took me back to the days. And still, as I saw that you were holding hands of a little girl who followed closely behind you, time started, moving again.

we’re all here, the whole gang!!!

I saw you, walked slowly, to the seat in front of mine, not to far away, not too close too, to state what was no longer familiar about you. You’d gently placed your child onto the small child’s seat, then said to me lightly, “Long time no see.”

I’d sighed, turns out, we can’t, keep anything intact after all, we can only allow the waves of time, to wash each and every one of us, toward the journeys of the futures unknown.

So, maybe the narrator of this article wanted to hook back up with someone he fell for back in his schooling days, but, too many things had changed, they’re both, all grown up, and, there’s that scent of nostalgia, a hint of regret, of how we can’t, keep time intact………

not my photograph…









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