Space, a Poem


A Grain of Sand Recalls the Beach

The Linden Fixed Its Gaze Upon the Army of Locusts

Passing Over. Suddenly, the Border Line of Eternity

Our Working Together Shall Remodel the

Bee Hives, the Ant Hills, the Skyscrapers, the Homelands

And, We’re able to, Add an Extra Room Over the Rooftops

As an Illegally Erected Add-on of Happiness

not my photo…

The Seas Became a Prison Now, the Atmosphere became the Shields

The Mountains, the Walls, the Skies Closed in, on the Domes Made of Crystals

The Colorful Fences of Light, the Soaring Eagles, Busying about

As the Harsh Winds and Pouring Rains Attacked, or When the Days

Turned Sunny, Who’s Going to Visit?

The Days Became a Free-Shaped Shadow in the Empty Space

The Darkness of the Nights Felt Around the Enclosed Rooms

time gets wasted away too quickly here…

The Eyes Became a Tool for Temporary Escape, the Waves Mapped Out the Routes

The Assortment of Human Desires, Barred from Visitors, the Flying Fish

Broke Free Out of the Jails———

The Enclosed Prison. Empty Agaisnt the Shadows, the Cell

Named “A Thought”. With the Time as the Warden;

The Years Flew by, Took Away, Was Torture. If

Loneliness Don’t Fill Up the Space Between Your Eyes

Keeping Just, One Poem Imprisoned, the Entire World

Set Free, Found, Not Guilty

not my photo here…

So philosophical, isn’t it? How the concept of passing time affects us, and yet, we have no idea, of when it’s happening, because time slips through our fingers, like sand, and, we still believe, that we have, an entire beach’s worth of endless amount of sand to spend…


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