Thought We Had Forever

Thought we had forever, but, turns out, we never did!

Thought we had forever, to spend in each other’s arms, but, forever ended, way too soon, we’d, separated. Forever became, a promise that neither one of us to keep to the other, it’d become, this, total lie.

not my poster…

Thought we had forever, well, we thought wrong, forever is too far, out of our reach, something we can’t even touch the edges of, and yet, we thought, we could, hold it between us, and, all I can say, is that we were, way too young, way too naïve.

Thought that we had forever, well, forever had, come, to a DEAD H-A-L-T now, and, we’re left, with our selves, all alone, without each other here…………

Thought we had forever, but, forever was, a mirage, a false belief, that we fell prey to, willingly, and, in our defense, it was because, we were, too young, too naïve, believing that our love can conquer all, but now, we both knew better.

 not my picture still..





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