Barbeque Sauce, a Short Prose

and this, would be what that fridge would look like…


She’d, bumped into her old flame at the supermarkets.

“I’m having a barbeque for Mid-Autumn Festival, but forgot to buy the barbeque sauce.”, she’d told him.

He’d wanted to carry on in conversation longer with her, but she’d told him, that everybody is waiting on her to bring the barbeque sauce.

As she arrived home, she’d glared at his new business card, as she placed the barbeque sauce, into the fridge.

So, you can understand why this woman L-I-E-D, to her former lover, can’t you? Because she’d not wanted to look lonely, especially after the break up, she must’ve suffered a long time, and may still be suffering now, and this, is just one way, that someone tries to CHEAT oneself on how she feels.

pick, from the assortment of flavors here…


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