Lounge Chairs


A trip for one.

Awhile ago, I’d traveled to the norther part of the Yucatan Peninsula, lived next to the Caribbean Sea.

One night, I was awakened, by the storm outside, the thunder and lightning struck, the wind and rain raged, my loneliness attacked, like those angry waves, against the shores………

Early next morn, I’d gone to the beach to stroll, there’s no sign of the storms of the previous night, the water was calm and blue, the skies, sunny, and my heart slowly, felt, more at ease.

海灘椅 梁正宏/攝影photo from the papers…

As I looked back toward those beach chairs, still bright, and inviting toward the visitors to sit down.

The way the chairs were set up, were like the teas set up by someone, inside the depth of the mountains, reducing the travelers’ weightiness, making them feel that surge of warmth.

As the sky was still light, I’d, closed my eyes, lain down on the beach chairs.

If you see me, please don’t disturb me in my peace, as I am, slowly, taking off my own, loneliness right now.

Such a peaceful state of mind that this person is experiencing, isn’t it? For someone to feel as comfortable, to lay down by the beach, on the beach chairs, without a care and worry in the world……………………


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