The Tango of the Magellan Birdwing

微風輕輕地吹草搖曳擺動撥動了愛情我們相約再跳一次探戈我們身穿...from the newspapers…


The Gentle Breeze Came

The Grasses Swayed Left and Right

Roused Up Romance

We’d Gone Out, for One Last Tango

We Put on

the dance of passion…not my photograph…

The Most Delicate, Beautiful Dance Clothes

With the Same Black Wings

With the Outer Rims of White Striped Patterns

I’d Chosen Golden Spots to Decorate My Back Wing

With the Raggedly Black Dots, Embellishing the Outer Rims of My Wings

Contrast to Your Lighter Color

With the Black and Yellow Contrasting Patterns in the Middle

And, I Still Have Something Extra Planned for Us

not my photograph…

As I Flew Against the Lights

There Would be, Shiny Pearls from My Back Wings

In the Little Floral Bushes and Green Pastures that Remained

Drinking Up the Nectars from the Lemon Trees

I’d, Twirled You, into My Arms

Started My Dance Moves

As the Tempo Sped Up, and Slowed Down

I’d Pulled You Closer, and Twirled You Far

The Indescribable Feeling of Love

Are Running Wild in Our Bodies

So, this, would be, a tango of L-O-V-E, isn’t it? And, the description is very precise, as that, is how love should be, like two people, dancing together, getting with each other’s steps…



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