Time Just, Stood, Still

Time just, stood still, it’d, stopped moving altogether, like all the people in that far away, long ago kingdom, that fell into a state of dormancy, with that princess too.

Time just, stood, still, like how that kingdom far away, from long ago, became, frozen. Time just, stood, still, not moving forward, not turning back either, it just, stayed, right where it once was…………

not my painting…time stood still 的圖片結果

Time just, stood, still, it’s, as, if we’d never betrayed each other’s trust, like nothing ever went wrong, back to, when everything was well, good, and wonderful.

Time just, stood, still, and, nothing that anybody does, can, make it budge, move just one-hundredth of an inch, even. It just, stood, still, refusing, to move forward. Time just, stood, still, it’s, as the day we broke up, like everything that’s happened since, didn’t happen, not really, and, we’re, both, trapped, by time, standing, absolutely, still………

time stood still 的圖片結果not my photo still…


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