The Kitten, Entering & Exiting Through the Kitty Door


Reason why I’d started talking to “Cat”, that I’d adopted was simple, to get on his good side, hoped, that he wouldn’t just start showing his sharpened claws at me too often. It’d, worked quite well, and, my family followed my lead; and, after awhile, Cat started, understanding our conversations, better than I’d expected him to.

When my husband called out, “go to potty.”, Cat would go into the bathrooms to accompany him. When he’d said, “Walk”, Cat would stand, by the doorways, and wait for him. These two simple moves, had managed to, train the person who was totally against adopting him now.

We lived upstairs from our company, and so, when I’d stated, “I’m going up now”, Cat would walk towards the stairs first. I said, “Going to work now”, and Cat would enter the office before me, to find that spot of his. But, “Take a bath”, these three words, I’d dared not say, because he’d go and hide.

My eldest son said, “speak!”, and, Cat, who’d understood him, would let out a “meow”, waiting for my eldest son, to take out his treats. As for my youngest, “Cat” totally ignored him, because he knew, that my son wasn’t going to make him, and my youngest became envious of my eldest, for commanding Cat around.

Actually, Cat doesn’t take every word I’d spoken to him.

In order to save the electricity, I’d placed a plastic door hanger between my office and the staircase, and had the builder put in a small kitty door, especially for Cat. That small door to my office, I’d taught Cat just once, and he knew how to use it, but, the small door upstairs, he’d gotten so used to, ignoring, and, as he ran upstairs from below, he’d always used that high speed, “Whish!”, and used his own cute face to slam the plastic films I’d managed to keep closed with magnets, causing me to lose a lot of the cold air I’d spent a ton of money on.

cats CAN be trained, it’s just not as easy as training a dog!!!

That day, I saw Cat striding toward the tarp screens, I’d reminded him, “Kitty go in kitty door.”, and my husband and children all came, to reiterate. Cat stopped walking, with his back against us, thought, for three seconds, and, took the smaller door. I was, super pleased, took out his treats, opened up the front doors, welcoming him in, to receive his reward. But, the moment he’d finished his treats, he’d, exited, out the large door again, it’d made me disappointed, and cried out in pain.

My family members felt bad that I was tricked by Cat, they’d all come to stand behind me, every time that Cat walked toward the screens, everybody who saw him would speak, “Kitty goes in to the small door!”

here’s a cat that just REFUSED to walk through the kitty doors…

And, when, will this wish finally come true? When will this kitty finally follow my orders, and walk through the small door? Nobody knows for sure, but, for success to come, I can only, keep on, enforcing the rules with Cat.

So, you can see, how this cat managed to, manipulate is owner, right, and, this shows, how cats are as smart as dogs, it’s just, that getting them to do what you want them to, is not as easy as training your dogs to follow your commands.


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