Waiting on that Long, Lost Friend

She’d been waiting, on that long, lost friend from way, way back can’t recall when, to come visit her in her dreams, but, he never did, visit her in her dreams…

Waiting, on that long, lost friend, she’d, spent her entire life, since they’d parted ways, hoping, that he would, show her a sign of sorts that he’s okay, but, each and every day passes, and, she received, nothing BUT, pure disappoint, over, over, and over again.

Until one night, she was heading into bed, she’d, turned down the lights, got under the covers, there came, a knocking on her front door. She’d rubbed her eyes, chased her drowsiness away, and, propped herself up onto her bed, got dressed, went to her front door, and, opened it up.

waiting on someone who never comes…not my photo.

It was him, that long, lost friend of hers, so, she’d, invited him in, and, there they sat, catching up, on what happened, since they parted from their earlier, shared pasts. He’d been, all around the world already, and, as he’d told the tales of his travels to her, it’s, as if, she’d been right there next to him, in his journeys abroad.

not my photo…

Then, it came, time for him to leave, she’d begged him to stay with her through the night, but he’d told her, that he needed to depart, and so, she’d, held back her tears, said goodbye, to her very best friend, from back in the day.

When the morning came, she woke, found herself, on the couch, with the two empty cups of coffee from the night previous, but, no matter how hard she’d tried to recall, she just, couldn’t remember, what exactly had, happened last night!

So, she went about her day, as she usually would, then, around noon, a call came for her at the office, she’d picked it up, she’d become, dumbfounded, and, everything just, went blank for her. And finally, she’d, arrived home, and, broke down and cried, as she’d recalled last night, when she saw her, long lost friend she’d been, waiting on. The news that came to her at the office was, the news of his death. And, by some twisted hands of fate, his soul (or spirit) must’ve wanted to prepare her for the news of his death, that it’d, come to her just last night………


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