A Unique Moment


This was, the end of the spring, as the steps of summer approached, there was, a sort of a gentle wind, that blew down the rains, that landed, perfectly, onto the faces of the leaves of the herbs I’d planted. And, before the sun can evaporate them all, I was allowed, to see their beautiful state. Ever since, I’d often, walked around the garden, after the early morning rains, to see if I can catch this sort of beauty again, but unfortunately, I hadn’t been, able to. And so, I’m in awe, that every single meeting, is a moment of uniqueness in itself.

這是在春天的末了,初夏腳步接近之際,一種剛剛好的風向和溫度讓飄下來的雨珠,完美的...photograph from the papers…

Yes, because no matter how similar the moments were, they’re never exactly the same, and, this made you realize, how you need to, take life by the horns, to live in the moments that come to you every single day, doesn’t it??? So much you can get, by walking around this small garden of yours in the morning.

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