Wolf, a Poem

A narrative here, translated…

I’m the Only One Who Knows

That Freedom is a Sort of Wildness Inside

Other than My Self

not my picture

No One Else Can Actually Truly, Tame Me

As I’d Stared at the Full Moon

I Still Owned

My Own Set of Wild Wolf Eyes

As the Wind Rose

Every Single Hair on My Body

Was Filled, with the Desires to Howl

I’m Called Constantly by the Hunger, and the Coldness of Weather

Once I Was a Dog, But Tonight

I Shall, Reincarnate as a Wolf

So, this, is the call of the wild, that beast that’s inside every single tamed animal, as there are, always going to be, that wilder side in each of us, and, that side of us would come out, from time to time, as it’d needed, to be, released, to be, set free………





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