I Don’t Miss You, at A-L-L

It’s quite odd, really, I don’t miss you, at A-L-L, I mean, not even, the LEAST possible bit!

I don’t miss you, at A-L-L, and, it fazes me, why? I mean, if I really loved you, then, after you’d been taken from me, I would, miss you, right? But, I don’t, for some unknown reasons…

not my picture…

I don’t miss you, at A-L-L, perhaps, it’s because, I’d accepted, that you and I, weren’t meant to exist, in the same world together? Or, that I’m just, rationalizing your death, to make myself feel better about losing you? I just, don’t miss you, at A-L-L now.

Compared to before, when you’d plagued my hours of waking, and into my dreams, I’d closed my eyes, and see your beautiful face, and, back then, every night when I go down at night, I’d prayed for life to end, but it never had!

I don’t miss you at all now, so, it’s good news, I suppose, because I’m finally, over the fact, that you never, actually, existed, and, it’s still for the BEST, that you don’t EVER get “made”, child, besides, this shitty world ain’t good enough for you…………

 not my photograph…






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