“Do you love him?”

“Yes, mother!”

“Will you leave with him then?”

“Yes, mother.”

“Will you stay on that island?”

That was, a vast island in the middle of the oceans, with farm houses, villages and beaches; some of the local villagers went out to sea and made a living from fishing, even more started sun-drying their catches from the oceans; the alleys became flooded all year long, the smell of salt took over the air. On the days of the storms, the waves will carry the wood off, and sent the ships back onto shore, the springs in the mountains fluid, the lower parts would get flooded into rivers. But, the storms rarely hit, the island was always blessed with a ton of sunshine, especially in the summertime.

“Won’t the sun tan you too much.”

not my photograph…

“Don’t you think, that I’d grown, paler by the day?”

“Is he, a bus driver?”

“Yes, mother.”

“A bus from the island?”

“Yes, mother”

“Did you, go and take the bus again?”

He took my hand, led me into the bus, allowed me to sit right behind the driver’s seat, back then, there were, NO other passengers; and after I got settled into my seat, and I’d realized that the bus was then, occupied. I looked at him, coming over from the terminal, climbed onto the driver’s seat, started the engine, turned the steering wheel, and, drove the bus into a winding pass. And, all the way, we’d not spoken a single word to each other, but he’d stared at me, through the rearview mirror, never taking his eyes off of me a minute, and only I knew, that the bus is about to be driven off the cliff at anytime.

“Is he a resident on the island?”

“Yes, mother.”

“All alone?”

following love to the ends of the earth 的圖片結果the love we all want to have…

He lived alone, on the upstairs of an ancient farm house on that village facing the oceans, the room is very small, with only a window looking out. Standing on the pier, you can see that gray-white building, with a broom hanging down from the window.

“Is there museums or galleries?”

“No mother.”

“Any opera houses, concert halls?”

“No mother.”

“Can you survive without them?”

“Can’t you see how tired I’d become now?”

“You are, really, leaving us now.”

Come to the island for a stroll, mother, I will head to that small alley facing the harbor, there was, a small stand, I shall, choose a live fish for you, as a welcome; I will use the locally made shrimp sauces, to cook for you, the vegetables I’d picked from the local fields.

“Can he speak French?”

“No mother.”

“Does he read the verses?”

“No mother.”

“Will you be happy?”

I don’t know, mother. I know I can cook, clean, keep the house tidy, we will see the ships, swim, and fish too, we will fight, we will too, get tired. Or maybe, we will have a baby, or maybe, we will, raise our babies, one by one, and, sit by each other, as we grow old slowly by the day.

So, this woman is giving up her life of comfort, in pursuit of an unknown future with the man she loves, and, this, is a huge gamble, because you don’t KNOW what will happen to you in the future, which is probably why the mother was concerned for her daughter, but, the woman’s made up her mind, on moving to the island with the man she loves, and that takes faith on the woman’s part.


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