A Fractured Reflection…

Woke up early this morn, washed up, and, as I’d, lifted my head up, I’d, caught, a glimpse, of my self in the mirror, it was, a fractured reflection, a reflection that’s no longer whole, but broken, into little pieces.

I’d, touched my own face, to make sure, that it was, me that was, reflected in the mirror, yup, it’s doing WHAT I’m doing too! A fractured reflection, that, was what I was able to receive, from the feedback, of this world of mirrors I now live in.

not my photo…

A fractured reflection, how, did the reflection, or even, the one being reflected, get fractured in the first place, does anybody know? Of course N-O-T, everybody is still too busy about their little, menial lives, to even CARE about what’s going on, outside of their physical selves here!

A fractured reflection, I’d started, putting together the pieces now, like a huge 10,000 (b/c 5,000 was already done before???) piece puzzle, and, I’d lost, some of the pieces through time, and, there was, NO way, for me, to retrieve the pieces that were, lost in time.

And so, the reflection stayed, fractured, incomplete, and, it will, NEVER be filled up whole again, just like how after the heart got emptied out by betrayal…………

not my sketch…

A fractured reflection, I see it, don’t you? It’s, waving back, at you and me, come on, let’s, wave back at it! No? Why not? Oh, ‘cuz you’re afraid, that it’s you, who’d, fractured in reality, and the reflection was only, what you are, is that it???





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