Waiting for the Flowers to Bloom


The summers are when the ginger lilies are in full bloom, and in the traditional marketplaces, I’d often seen vendors with a bucket, or just carried the harvested ginger lilies, three to five in a bundle, selling it, and, before I saw the vendors, I’d already, gotten a whiff of the strong aromatic scent, and from time to time, I’d buy a bundle and placed it inside my house, but, within a few short days, it’d, withered out.

I’d recalled how I’d lived in the countryside when I was younger, every year after June, the ginger lilies would bloom out after the month of June in the areas next to the patches or by the Creekside, the flowers looked like butterflies that stayed put at the end of the stems, swaying with the wind. And, I’d always, plucked a few to take home, and allowed the scent to spread out through the house, and I’d always felt, that they’d smelled, way better than my mother’s perfume.

生活點滴野薑花開 圖/無疑亭from the papers…

Seeing how I loved picking the wild flowers, my mother warned me, that before I go into the bushes, I need to, beat around it, to make sure that there were, no snakes around, because, the long “brother snake” loved hiding in the bundles of wild ginger lilies. “Brother snake” is a phrase in Hakka, I couldn’t understand why my mother called it that, whether it be the rhyming, or a sort of a fear out of respect, I really didn’t know. But, thinking back, I’d always, feared those long, slimy things that moved, whether it be earthworms, caterpillars, or silkworms, especially snakes. The countryside in the earlier days, there would be, sightings of snakes, and we’d often heard the elders told, “that nest full of eggs were eaten by brother snake again…………”, until my grandmother was bitten by the many banded krait, I’d slowly, reduced my behaviors, as the “flower thief”.

Last summer as I took the touring class, my instructor took us out into the hiking trails, and, I’d picked up two stems of ginger lilies, and as I got home, I’d, planted them down by the patches by my house; although it was, a small patch, but, there were, a wide variety of plants, other than the gynura’s deux couleurs that took up the spot of the corner of the right side of my plantation, the rest, like yam’s leave, basil, osmanthus, along with many other varieties all found a spot for themselves, and, my neighbor would laugh and call my garden, an experiment of Darwin’s survival of the fittest, and I’d told my neighbors, that it’s a plantation of the natural methods.

a photo of the flower…

Turns out, that the ginger lilies have strong life force, since the spring it’d started branching out, from the two stems, it’d turned into four, and increased, and now, it’s a huge bush of it, that took up the corner. By mid-July, one of the stems started having a flower, as I walked outside, the scent greeted me, I thought that it’d wither like the flowers sold in the marketplaces and, this bush bloomed on, for a total of three weeks. When I’d thought that the season for bloom was over, two days later, there would be, a brand new bud, it’d left me in awe, about how much life they have.

I’d started counting the flowers that withered away, there were, a total of over thirty, it’d made me realized, that the strength of life being different from the plants in the wild and the plants in the vases, and I’m too glad, that I’d not been misled by the poem, and plucked the flowers off selfishly, that way, my neighbors would’ve never gotten the chance, at the aromatic scent that these ginger lilies gave off.

I think, that the plants should remain in the earth, that keeping them all to my self, wouldn’t be as amazing as sharing it with others.

wait until the blooming seaon…

So, you’d learned, about the differences of how the plants would flourish in the garden versus if you’d plucked them, kept them in a watered vase, that, would be a good lesson to learn, about life, you should always try to share the good things that are yours with others, because you’d not only benefitted others you’d shared the items with, you’re also, benefitting yourself as well.


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