A Knot, on How the In-Laws Don’t Get Along

and yes, that, is what it looks like…


My daughter’s in-laws live in Taoyuan, but because my daughter and son-in-law both worked in Taipei, after they married, they’d stayed with us. This decision made my daughter really happy, it’s just, that every Friday night, she’d not carried that excitement, ushering in the weekends, instead, she’d gotten, into a foul mood; because the very next day, she’d needed to watch the fruit stand set up by her in-laws in Taoyuan, but she’s not trained in knowing the prices, and how to weigh the fruits either, she’d often added to their troubles, it’d made her mother-in-law angry, and naturally, my daughter was in a foul mood too.

not my photo…

Sometimes, her mother-in-law would tell her to go home early to rest, and my daughter would prepare the meals, but after they’re done with the business, it would already be past two o’clock in the afternoon, and, the no longer savory dishes, became a turn off to their appetites, plus the in-laws were very traditional, when the younger generations disobey them, they’d told her husband and her to get down on their knees in front of the shrine that they have in their home.

Of course I’d not believed just my daughter’s words, I’d always consoled with her, that if she loved her husband, then, she must also love his parents, that it’s only natural, that the families with the different upbringings use different methods to handle the various matters in life, that they’re not spending time together every single day, only once every week on the weekends. And just like so, she’d gone back to Taoyuan, with a heavy heart, and every Sunday morning, she’d, snuck back to Taipei again, this made me nervous, I felt, that my daughter didn’t fulfill her duties as a daughter-in-law, I’d told her, to understand her in-law’s feelings of how their son is married, but, his wife isn’t with him.

not my photo still…

Recently, her mother-in-law had a serious twist in her spine and needed the steel nails to get implanted, the couple immediately looked for the nurse’s aides with the experiences, and gladly, a friend recommended someone who’d looked after her mother, I’d phoned the person up to ask, and felt, that the nurse’s aide was experienced and passionate about her work, I’d introduced her to look after my daughter’s mother-in-law; but, that very first night, her mother-in-law and the nurse’s aide had an altercation, and my daughter’s mother-in-law blamed her, “how can you find a random stranger to take care of me!”

My daughter was upset, and I got in the middle too, the kind thoughts ended in a bad way. I’d considered that my daughter’s mother-in-law just had surgery and needed painkiller shots every single day I’d decided to visit her at the hospital after she felt better, but my daughter relayed the message, “my mother-in-law thinks you’re not coming to see her is because of the displeasure with the nurse’s aide.” Now I’m taken! In order to show how genuine I am, I’d taken a huge red envelope, and a fruit basket, rushed to the hospital, and sat my butt down, next to her, to hear her rant on about the bad experiences she’d had for the surgery, this sort of can’t use reason to knock some sense into your in-laws, is truly, something!

So this, is how the in-laws got along, not at all, and, it usually started with something so minor too, and, if you let that something minor remain unresolved, then, that something minor will escalate, and before you know it, something MAJOR is between you and your in-laws, and, it will always be your daughters who suffer for it, because they are the ones, living close to the in-laws!


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