Saying Goodbye to Their Past Selves, the Drug Abusers in Rehab Performed on the Ukuleles to Entertain Their Loved Ones

Turning over a new leaf on life, from the Newspapers, translated…

The Protection of Reformed Inmates subchapter in Keelung held its family day yesterday, they’d invited the families of eleven members of former drug abusers to come to the center to visit, had the de-toxed members draw, sing, with their loved ones, and the members played ukuleles, a lot of the members saw their parents and hugged them with gladness, and, they’d celebrated the head of the D.A. of Keelung, Chen’s birthday early.

學員現場演奏烏克麗麗,也和家人合唱多首歌曲,場面歡樂溫馨。 記者曾健祐/攝影the photo of the gathering at the juvenile detention hall, photo courtesy of

The eighteen-year-old Wei-Wei said, that he was arrested back in his high school years on drug related charges, and was sent to the Improvements Academy to get cleaned, in the help of the teachers here, he’d successfully stopped abusing drugs, and gained an even deeper understanding of just how important family is to him. He said, that from before, he was extremely impulsives, and put his brothers from the streets ahead of his own kin, and now, he’d understood, how to love his family and treat them with kindness.

Wei-Wei’s dad said, that his son acted out, was arrested on possession of illegal substances, that he had, changed completely, in six months, that he’d phoned home to ask how the family was doing as he was serving his time, and awhile ago, he’d heard, “Dad, happy birthday”, he was so moved that he’d started, crying, he was invited to the family day at the detention hall, he’d come to see his son, and they’d enjoyed each other’s company.

So, the key for these youths to completely get off drugs is knowing that their families are still supportive of them, that they didn’t get abandoned by their own loved ones, and, with enough social and emotional support, surely enough, these youths started changing their ways.


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