Listen to that Voice that Tells You to Go After Your Dreams

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You won’t be able to ignore it even IF you’d tried! Translated…

Life is like the ocean waves, sometimes, it’d rained, sometimes, the waves raged, sometimes, the oceanfront is gentle and clear, sometimes, it would, take everything all away in an instant, cruelly, with absolutely, NO hesitations.

I was born healthy, with ALL five of my senses intact, very articulate, with NO mental faults, and, I’d never wondered, what this world would be for me, if I’d, lacked any one of my “gifts”. Until one time by chance, I’d helped the physically handicapped street artists to help push forth the Heart Happy Program (a program that assisted the performers on the streets, to offer life coaching classes to the handicapped community), did I realize, how narrow my field of vision had been from before.

In the process, I’d come into contact with two handicapped performers, both were visually impaired, one was Hsin-Yi Lee, she played the saxophone extremely well; the other was Cheng-Bun Hsu, he’d sung so wonderfully, that all who’d heard him became, intoxicated by his singing. Because that, was my first time working with handicapped people, as I’d interacted with them, I was, very watchful, fearing, that I might offend him with any amount of my small gestures, and also feared, that I couldn’t be of help, because I’d never had any experiences before. And still, as I started getting stressed out by the ungathering crowds, Hsin-Yi Lee comforted me, that this time frame was originally the low time; comparing to my nervous looks, Cheng-Bun Hsu was grinning ear to ear. Later on, I’d recalled, believed, that I was way too spoiled, that I couldn’t adapt to my surrounding environment as well as they, who’d gotten used to the highs and lows that hit them in life, they’d become, fully, adapted to life.

Hsin-Yi Lee sitting for an interview at a news radio station, photo from online…

It wasn’t until later, did I learn, that Hsin-Yi Lee had felt defeated by becoming blind, losing her job, losting her marriage all at once, and that saxophone she’s performed on quite well, wasn’t picked up until she’d turned blind; Cheng-Bun Hsu was once, a very HOT actor who’d made appearances on the major TV shows once, but, as the heat faded, he’d fallen, down from the clouds, his account was even withdrawn to not a cent left by someone he’d trusted and knew in an instant too.

It was, hard for me, to match their optimistic face to the trials they’d already endured in life. How, do you, find the light, through that sort of darkness? How, can you keep believing, that if you keep on walking, the skies will turn blue again?

“For the sake of living out my dreams, no matter how hard, I’m not fazed one bit!”, Cheng-Bun Hsu who’d smiled so radiantly on told me. If you can’t what’s become in the past, the scripts to your life for now, and for the future, you are, the writers of; becausce they’d had the dreams of keeping their families and dreams as well, so, they’d not wanted to give up, nor do they have the rights, to give up either.

the visually impaired saxophonist photo from online…

The handicapped community is different from us, but, they’d needed to, weather through the separate trials of their separate lives just as we do, and they’d still have the love for life, and dreams they want to accomplish, wanting to prove themselves to the world, to have an exciting life, to not leave any regrets behind. The world is not just black and white, and, just because you can see, that doesn’t make you “normal”, and if you’re visually impaired, then, you’re not, we just used different ways, to get into this world, then, walked, in our own separate ways, separate paces, toward the other side of the shores. We accept the faults we may have, and, still have our separate talents, believing, that there are, infinite possibilities, available to each and every one of us.

So, here are two examples of how people with handicaps and someone who’d been beaten down by life still stood back up, and, they were able to, make their own dreams come true, with hard work, and that, is the values that this writer is conveying to the readers here.


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