No Longer Compelled to Keep Up…

Did something DRASTIC (okay, okay, maybe NOT to you, but to me, this, IS something DRASTIC, but I still wouldn’t call it “life-altering” though…) a few short minutes ago.

Guess, I’m just, NO longer compelled to keep up, it’s, too much trouble, to keep track of EVERYTHING, and, I’m getting, tired, so, it’s, time for me, to C-H-A-N-G-E, and no, I still didn’t freak out like I’d done, as I’d, deleted my last TWO files, this time, I’d kept, that casual, comfy, leisurely attitude, kinda bland, boring, ordinary, you know the feeling?

Besides, it’s time, that I started changing my methods, not because my former ways didn’t work out so well, it’s just, that keeping track became, too annoying (let’s say???), and besides, I’m really, getting tired, of keep needing to go back and forth, to make corrections on the files on my computer here, and, who knows, maybe I’ll regret it tomorrow, but for now (and yes, we’re still “on” today!), it felt right…………

And, look how FAR I’d come, I used to be so F***ING (maxed out, remember???) ANAL RETENTIVE, needed EVERYTHING done a certain way (bty: that’s still MY W-A-Y here!!!), but now, I’m feelin’, that I can, let things slide some………




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