The News from the Early Mornings, a Short Prose


The light of the dawn just came, the pillow beneath my pillow, all of a sudden started, vibrating, and, like usual, my cell phone flashed, that familiar message. If I’d not misremembered, including today, he’d continued to wake her up with a call for three whole days now. She doesn’t deny, that because of her own curiosities, she’d written a few lines back to him too, to test his bottomlines, and, after guessing at, how much honesty in the way they’d interacted with one another.

now, pay UP!!!

She’d thought, if it’s just for the sake of playing a game, then, they could, get what they’d needed and wanted from one another, that neither of them needed to get too stressed out about the future. But, what surprised her was, his greetings, became softer and gentler each and every time, and her heart, became more and more unsettled, as the daily good mornings on her cell came each day.

Sometimes, she was still asleep, and, she’d heard something, she thought, a gentle vibration, from the depth, of the night. Like seeing him face-to-face, his smiling, warm eyes, passed through the icy cold screen of her cell, blinking, helping her to, chase away the coldness of being alone in the winters.

A month later, the news from the morning still kept warm like usual, still as gentle, precise, and managed to, soothe her lonely heart, and pried on how her normal, bland life had, a total turn around, with the newly developed dating app on the cell phone. At the same time, he’d also, included, the bill from the last season too.

do you not see that?  how many months already, huh???

So, from the beginning of this, you’d think that you’re reading about how a lonely woman gets greeted by an unknown man who’d wanted to pursue her, but, the story isn’t even CLOSE, the writer is actually describing how the woman was, misinterpreting the signs, that it was only, the bill collectors who wanted her to pay UP her cell phone bills, nothing more!


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