Mimi, the Cat

After the loss, of a beloved pet, translated…

The name of my friend’s cat that’s passed away was Mimi, I’d liked her the moment I saw her, wanted to sketch her. Back then, my friend was just worrying about her cat’s health. And this old friend had, soothed her heart more or less. I keep believing, that this cat is still here, still praying, “my master, don’t feel sad for us anymore.”

So, this, is experiencing the loss of a beloved cat, and, it would be very difficult, as you’d had your pets around you for so long, and now, all of a sudden, s/he is, no longer there, welcoming you home, and it takes time to get adjusted to living without your pets, but, eventually, after you’d grieved, you will, move on with your life, because you’re supposed to, not because you no longer loved them, but because you’d, finally, let go…

and here’s the sketch from the Newspapers…courtesy of UDN.com









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