The Backside


“Backside” by Tzi-Ching Chu, was an article on our middle school Chinese text, on watching his father’s obese body, running on the platforms, to buy the oranges for him, that backside that’s sweaty and lonely, it’d, moved the writer’s heart. And, just like that, a moving article. But, the “backside” in today’s world, maybe have an even more lonelier feel, as the middle school texted no longer collected the essays of the start of the country’s history now.

朱自清的〈背影〉一文,是以前中學國文課本必選文章,寫看著父親在月台奔跑去為他買橘...and this, would be the photo, taken by the man’s wife, photo courtesy of the UDN papers…

A lot of people are seeing others’ backside, but rarely, sees their own, because almost none who’d taken your photograph has her or his back towards you. At the end of spring, I’d gone to visitng Zhongshan House in Yangming Mountain, as I’d entered into the parks, I’d needed to walk a bit uphill, and, I’d started, sweating, panting even. My wife who’s an avid photographer, took a photo of me from the back, this, was probably, the first time, I’d seen my own backside, officially. To an aging man in his sixties, having whites is a natural thing, but, I’d gotten shocked at, how there is, a small bundle of white underneath the rim of my cap.

Shock, becausce how come, this climb upward became lonely? This is the fiftieth anniversary, and, shouldn’t this passage, leading up to Zhongshan House be packed with people? And yet, on this hike up, there’s just, my and my wife’s backside. And, I’d, imagined, that the statue of the father of our country, must be lonely too.

So, this, is the encounters of the day, and, this showed this man’s state of mind, how he’s reflecting on his own life, how he’s realizing the subtle changes that came with old age…


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