Ballet Class for Adults, on Live-ing

On finally seeing your own childhood dreams come true, translated…

The child of my friend is in kindergarten now, everybody was congratulating her on Facebook, “Good, now, you will have time to yourself back!” and she had, already made a list of where to go, books she wanted to read, and the desires of taking long, long naps………I’d imagined it, and, my eyes glowed brightly, “So, can you finally go and take that ballet class now?” as my younger sister laughed about this on the to-do list, I’d thought, since how I still don’t have my own child, and can be free on the evenings after work, why don’t I just, move in on the idea then!

not my photo…

And so, starting on the day I’d gone to sign up for ballet class at community college with my roommate, this regular nine-to-fiver’s life started changing, there’s a bit more dreams in the air, and, my senses became, wide awake too, I’d started paying attention to the pink things I encountered on the streets, and, longed for the little girl’s pink ballet skirts, and I’d found the classical music CD back home, brought them with me to Taipei to play every single day, and, I’d, started, walking tip-toe inside my house too.

A Child Who Didn’t Take Ballet Class

Up until now, my mother still felt bad for my younger sister with the longer, and slender limbs, why did she not take ballet seriously back as a kid.   And, this regret, due to how old it is, has more than three versions: my mother wanted it, but my younger sister didn’t, my younger sister wanted it, but lacked the motivations, or, because she’d gotten caught up in piano lessons, she’d dropped ballet completely…………and, a combination of the above, the end result that my mother reached was—the older sister doesn’t need to take ballet class.

The older sister doesn’t have to, but the older sister wants to.

I have stouter, and stumpier limbs, but, because I’d become a cheerleader in college, I was trained as an athlete, and, the difficult stretchy moves in ballet wasn’t at all that hard, and this self-confidence made me gloat, and I’d showed myself off to everybody I met. As for my roommate, she’d been on the dancing track since she was in school, and kept loving ballet, especially in the evenings, as she saw Jolin work hard, to practice her ballet moves, and dreamed, that she can, return back to the body that she lived in when she’d danced ballet. Based off of her descriptions, she is around the same height in elementary school as she is right now, and, that pair of whitewashed ballet shoes still fitted; and I’d inquired the coworkers who’d taken up ballet before, gone to a dance supply shop, to buy a pair of soft shoes for the class; the Japanese-made pink became my primary color now, and htat, was when I’d noticed, how I’d never held as much expectations of my legs as now.

not my photo…

The Song-Shan Community College has the “Adults’ Ballet” for a very long time already, for us, first timers, we were, more than excited, full of smiles, and, grabbed the bags we’d placed our flattened shoes in, and, gone deeper into the ground, and found that cool, hardwood floor classroom.

The huge dance room was separated to many small sections, on the left, there’s the mid-eastern dancers in bright red, and on our right, there’s the handsome tapdancers in top hats, we’d stuck our heads into each of the rooms, to make sure, which one was filled with that cute, pink air.

The Adult Who’d Started in the Ballet Class

The makeup for the class is entirely women, and, all of us ladies started in casual conversation, circling around, a laughing girl, with pale complexion. She’s very petite in size, but, her voice resonated, she’d looked at each and every one of us, asked, “New students, how old are you?”, without allowing us to answer, she’d called me, “young girl”. And, in the chit-chats, the instructor guaranteed to the class, “They used to be cheerleaders, they should have NO problem, catching up to the rest of the class!”

This young looking ballet instructor graduated out of the Arts University danced for the Japanese dance troupe, just a few years older than we are, looked like a sweet Disney princess, and, can get loud, and chat up all night long, this contrast seemed very interesting.

stretch out those legs, ladies!

There were sixteen in the class, and the two of us are the only newbies, so, there were, already, a ton of adults with ballet dreams that’s gotten started earlier too. At first, they’d joked on, how my friend and I can compete for the prima ballerina spot and, as we’d danced, we can’t hide how untrained we were in ballet. I’d tipped over left and right, and just, horseplayed mostly, as for my friend and roommate, she’d gotten it, after stretching out, and started lifting her legs to the level of the bars with the rest, smiled on elegantly. There were the older ladies who’d given us tips: the pose of your arms right in front of you, is like you’re holding a huge watermelon, and when your arms go up, you’d needed to, gently, set down your shoulders, and, allow your fingers to flow. Time, and time again, more beautiful, more free flowing, we’d become, a group of swan friends who’d gathered into the pond to swim.

Ever since, Mondays are no longer blue, with this expectation for the evenings, we’d worked hard, to get off work ontime, and, rushed home, made ourselves some soup, then, start running, toward that busy, raucous community night class. After we’d sweated it all out, we’d, dragged our limp legs, slowly, climbed up, toward the add-on to the roof, fell fast asleep, and worked hard during the daytime.

I’d never imagined, that a pair of soft shoes can lead me to tip my toes, to let me extend my arms, and, basked myself in music.

people of all ages, genders, experiences, all welcome here!!!  Not my photograph still…

And so, you’d made your own childhood dreams come true, and, with a partner who goes to class with you, you’re even more motivated to go to the ballet class, and, because the group of students are all older ladies, you’d not felt embarrassed if you couldn’t catch up, and, you’re now, living your childhood dream.


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