He’d Become a Tattoo Artist, at the Age of Twenty-Five, He’d Won the First and Second Place Trophies for the World’s Tattoo Artists Competitions

This just shows, if you work hard and never give up on yourself, you can overcome anything in life!!! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Yo-Chien Lin wanted to help make more money for his grandmother, but was mistaken for a hooligan, he’d worked hard for NINE years, and finally gained the recognitions he deserved.

The twenty-five year-old Yo-Chien Lin entered into the Berlin International Tattoo show in Germany last month and beaten the entrants of fifty other nations with his “the Dragon King” and “Japanese Deity”, and won the second place trophies for the black-and-white tattoos and large-picture tattoos, he was the only one from this country who managed to won both awards who’d entered.

「刺青小子」林佑虔(中)參加德國柏林刺青賽,以龍王太郎(右)和日本天女(左)抱回...this is considered a form of art…the tattoo artist with his work on a man and a woman that won him the trophies…photo courttesy of UDN.com.

Lin’s process of learning to tattoo was not at all easy. From his middle school years, he’d gotten interested by the tattoos, but because his family didn’t have the money to allow him to get into the business, as he’d decided to not go to any more school after middle school, that he’d needed to help make more money for the grandmother who’d raised him up. As his grandmother heard he’d wanted to become a tattoo artist, she’d grilled him, “If you have tattoo, then, you’re a slug, you want to join a gang”, she’d even, taken him to the police station for it too.

Gladly, the officer helped Lin convey his beliefs to his grandmother, his grandmother stopped preventing him from chasing his own dreams. At the start of his becoming a tattoo artist, nobody believed Lin would become anything, but he’d believed, that “tattoo is an art”; he’d part-timed to get the equipment he’d needed for it, learned the skills from the very beginning, four years ago, he’d started opening a tattoo parlor.

Lin had been tattooing for nine years now, in recent two years, he’d gone on competition calls to Malaysia, Singapore, Beijing, and Germany, as well as all over the places too. He said, “in competing with foreigners, it’s a sort of a learning experience in itself too”. Like how the Asian artists are very good at making larger scale pictures or totems of phoenix and dragons, that the European and American tattoo artists are good at tattooing portraits, he’d also found, that the skin of Caucasians are very thin, that it would be hard, to color the tattoos, that he’d needed to find ways, to improve the effects of what he tattoos on them.

So, this man chased after his dreams, despite the stereotypes that the world has, and, he’d overcome a ton of difficulties, made something of himself, and his journey to becoming a tattoo artist still wasn’t at all easy, but he’d still, overcome the trials and became an amazing artist!





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