Howl at the Moon



Every Time the Moon Rose Up

It Would Rush into the Yard

Chasing its Own Shadows Around

I’d Needed to, Chase after the Moon’s Shadows Too

Otherwise, it Would Play that Game of Pingpong Inside of Me Constantly

As I Strolled, it’d Become, Quieted

The Moon is Round, it’s also, Full Too

Every Time when the Skies Blew Up the Bubble-Shaped Full Moon

The Werewolf Gene Inside of Me Started to Get Restless

So, you are, a werewolf, and you’d waited every month, for that full moon, so you can be your true self, wild, and carefree.

not my photo…


If the Erasers Can Erase Off the Moon Hung Up High

Then I wouldn’t Need to Lower My Head with that Scent of Nostalgia

The Scent of Nostalgia is like a Bouncy Ball

Higher with Each Bounce, Just Never High Enough, to Touch the Moon

So, that, is how your nostalgia feels, so close, yet, far out of reach, perhaps, you’re too far from home, and every time you’d gazed up into the skies, saw that moon hung up high there toward the end of the skies, you’d gotten reminded of that place called “home” for you.

not my photo…


I’d Walked Along with the Moon Last Night

My Forehead Still Rang on with the Calls of the Cicadas

Tsi-tsi-tsi-tsi, with My Arms Behind Me, Walking Forward

what you look like when you grow up…

But No Matter How I’d Walked I’d Always Ended Up in Yesterday

The Backward Going Hands of the Clock Entered into the Maple Forest

I’d Heard the Sounds of the Days, Rewinding

Then, I’m, a Caterpillar

not my sketch…

Underneath that Flying Light of the Moon of My Old Home Town

So here, you’d, returned back to your childhood states, as you let the moon take you back toward home, and you’re longing to go home, but can’t, because of whatever reasons there may have been, keeping you away from home, so, you can only let you mind travel back home with the moonlight………


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