Metamorphoses Under the Moon

Look, it’s, slowly changing…

There’s changes under the moon, especially as the moon became full, you’ll notice those changes you hadn’t, noticed from before, all becoming, apparent! 

here’s something that changes in the nighttime…not my picture…

changes under the moon 的圖片結果

Metamorphoses under the moon, why, do things all look somewhat no longer the same under the glow of the moon?  Perhaps, it’s this mystique that the moon has, it’s got magic, don’t you know???  Metamorphoses under the moon, everything is changing in thenight, it’s just, that we’re all in bed, asleep, that we’d, missed out on it is all. 

Metamorphosis under the moon, look, come, sit next to me, and just watch, as the world changes in the night, like it’d done, during the day…Metamorphosis under the moon, everything is still, NOT yet asleep, and, don’t you know, that there are, just as many nocturnal creatures, if notmore, than those active in the daytime???

It’s not just the moon that’s changing, look closely, and you’ll notice, that everything under its glow is also, no longer the same from before…

becoming illuminated in the nights.

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