The Need to Wear that Mask…

I’d felt, the need, to wear that mask, that “face” I showed, to the outside world, including everybody in my family, because, I feel deep down, that nobody can ever, understand me at all…

Masksnot my photo

The need to wear that mask, this came from how we’re longing to be accepted by the rest of the group, wanting to belong somewhere, but, we feel, so out of place and insecure, that we feared that we’re giving our selves away, flashing our insecurities, the most vulnerable parts of our selves out to the world!

The need to wear that mask, I’d felt it, strongly, and felt at one time, that if I’d taken my masks off and let my true self showed, then, I would have dire consequences to face on my own, but, as I wore the mask, I saw the world, reflecting me, in its eyes, and, I don’t quite like what I see, because, that, is not the real me, not even close…

not my sketch

The need to wear that mask, I don’t have anymore, I’d, taken off ALL the masks that’d become a part of who I am now, and now, with the sun, glaring in my eyes, I felt the heat! The need to wear that mask, why do you have it? Is it because, you feared, that the world won’t like the real you if the world knows who Y-O-U are, or, is it because, you don’t even like the REAL you, and you know damn well, that you’re merely, wearing this assortment of false pretenses, to fool, nobody ELSE but your selves?

The need to wear that mask, well, I don’t have it anymore, what you see, IS what you get!


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