Cherishing, a Short Prose

An argument that got started, with the differences of habits in doing things, that ended in divorce, ultimately, translated…

“Why do you have to fold the books? Couldn’t you just use a bookmark instead?”

“Why are you getting on my back? What difference does it make?”

“Of course there is a difference, if you loved this book, then you wouldn’t fold it, leaving an imprint on it; if you cherished a book, then, use a bookmark instead!”

Later on, she got thrown out by him, like a bookmark, and his new love was, folded, and placed, inside that book he loved dearly.

So, here, that book that the couple was arguing about was actually a metaphor for their life together, and, because there were so many different habits that they couldn’t agree on with each other, they ended up breaking up, and the man found another woman, who could tolerate his habits, and she was, abandoned, left by him, because she’d grilled him again and again…a


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