Confessions on His Deathbed

Should I, call a priest for you???  Yeah uh, get REAL here!!!

Confessions on his deathbed, he’d finally admitted, to hurting his closest family members, friends who tried to help him, by telling him the harsh truths about himself.

He’d brushed off ALL those sound advices, because they’d sounded damaging, and took the words, of all who never meant to be helpful to him. Confessions, on his deathbed, what’s the point, to repent, so he can be, absolved, and his soul, still saved, and able to gain that golden ticket into heaven? And, does making that confession over ALL the sins he’d committed in his entire lifetime (and he did, live, very long too!!!), guarantee absolution, and, even IF G-O-D (spelled backwards is still D-O-G, hello, hello, hello???) forgave him, what about all who were hurt, damaged, by his actions or words???

not my photo…

Confessions on his deathbed, he thought, that that, would gain him his needed forgiveness, so he can, go to heaven after he’d, swallowed his final breath hard, but it can’t, because his sins are now, passed down, to HIS children, and their sins, to their children too, and, this vicious cycle of never-ending sins still kept rolling, rolling, rolling, until one day (maybe), the EARTH gets hit, by a MAJOR fireball, or asteroid (how should I know which one, huh???), and everything that’s living and none on this god DAMN planet goes, KA-BOOM!!! Then, it’d, end………but, not until then.


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