Escape, a Poem


The Night Heron Flew North

In the Dying Light of the Setting Sun

The Water from the Beigang Creek Flowed Westward Nonstop

I, Stood on the Side of the Riverbanks, Watching that Sun, about to, Set into the West

Recalling Those, Long-Forgot Vows

what you’re escaping from, death, maybe???

I’d, Picked up a Broken-Off Bamboo Stem, and Used it as a Sword

Kept Waving My Sword Left & Right, Killing Those Innocent Weeds that Surrounded Me

As the Smokes Rose from All Around Me

The Heaven & Earth Seemed to Change Colors So Suddenly

And Those Worries I’d Felt, Stood Back Up, Just Like All the Weeds I’d, Slaughtered Down

The Stars in the Dusk Shed Their Tears for Me Out of Pity

And, the Forcefulness that Came Toward Me from All Around

Paralyzed Me, and All I Could Do Was

Tilt My Head Toward the Skies and Laughed Aloud

escaping 的圖片結果“I’m outta here!”

And, There were, Droplets of Tears that Came, from the Stars up High

Sat There, on the Side of the Creeks’ Bed Wasted

Watching the Creek that’s Become, Darkened,

Hide Itself, into the Darkness of the Night

This is full of imagery, and, it gives the reader that scent, of the narrator’s drive for change, but in the end, s/he was helpless, to make a single change to her/his own life, there’s that sense of helplessness that we can all connect to…


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