B, a Girl Who Wanted to Act


As the girl, B was finishing up her final year of college, working part-time as a model to make some extra money. Through a mutual friend, she’d gotten connected with me, wanted to ask me some things.

My friend said, this girl is considered as taught and brought by your mentor in the business, she wanted to follow the path you’re taking.

I’d asked, “what of my path? This path, of no return?”

My friend said, “yeah, something like that!”

a Bengladesh model/actress, photo from online…

We’d chatted for a bit, and, from what I’d gathered, she’d no longer wanted to work as a model, but wanted to act in movies or television instead, but didn’t know where she’s to begin. I’d recommended some of my friends who owned actor training academies to her, but I’d stressed to her again and again, that she does, need to learn how to act, but she must be real careful, as the field is full of temptations. I knew she didn’t understand what I’d meant, but I’d still needed to say that, because one day, she will, come to understand what I meant.

After awhile, she’d visited me, very upset said, that she’d not wanted to be in acting anymore, that after she graduated college, she shall transfer to another field, to do something else. After I’d inquired, she’d told me, that she had this acting coach (not fitting to be called a teacher or a mentor), in a classroom session where they’d needed to share something deep about themselves, he’d given her a very frivolous response. The young acting student, without any experiences in acting, had stripped herself barren on stage, because she felt helpless, and was scolded, they’d put forth their most vulnerable side onto the stages, but were treated, like dirt, and since, they’d felt, that performing on stage, is something that’s so very, cruel.

After I’d heard, I got really angry, but at the moment, I’d just wanted, to give her a big hug, but the moment I’d hugged her, she’d started, wailing so loudly, she was a bit taller than I am, and all her tears fell, onto my shoulders, I’d gently patted her head, and the two of us, very tall ladies of about 5’7, hugged together on the streets of Taipei, must’ve made ALL the passersby wonder.

I’d known about that acting instructor too, I’d found his contact, and, wrote something to him. I’d told him, that he needed to apologize to this girl for what he’d said to her in class, if he didn’t understand what he’d done wrong, then, he should stop working as an acting coach, and NOT use his authority, to suppress his pupils anymore.

Thankfully, this girl dried her eyes quickly enough, and NOT given up on her dreams, just kept with her discoveries. Not long after this, she’d come to see me again, said that she’d received her first acting gig as a model, that she’s going to Hong Kong to act, I’d asked her curiously, what sort of a role is she going to play.

“I’m acting, in a small display window on the streets, just acting out my day”, she’d said.

I thought it was very interesting, that this first acting job of her has this small-scaled theatre, and some artistry to it too. “It’s just, that I have to wear my underwear, because it’s a performance in my underwear!”

found online…


“I’d needed to do it four times a day, from one to four in the afternoon, acting for fifteen minutes every single hour, without the scripts, or the lines written or me, just me and me alone, doing whatever inside the display window”, she’d told me.

I’d asked her where the display window was.

“By the road side of Causeway Bay”, she’d told me.

I’m not saying she’s ultra brave or anything, it’s just, that moments of my past came back up again.

Just enjoy yourself, travel to Hong Kong and let loose then. I’d told her.

After that, I’d rarely gotten calls from her since. But a few days ago, she’d appeared again, she’d told me, that she’s going to England to study, but not to study drama anymore, instead to study the sales trends, she’d wanted to take acting classes again once she’s in London.

You are, really, following my path, I’d said to her, jokingly.

“Because I’d felt that you were, my mentor, you’d not taught me anything, but, I’d, learned, a LOT from you, if I walk your path, at least, I won’t, get too obsessed about this,” she’d told me.

Yeah, the me now, nowhere NEAR obsessed, I just do what I enjoy doing, and that, is enough for me.

So, this, is how someone learns an important lesson about the REAL world from someone who’s IN the world earlier than she was, and, this younger woman had, found her own path, through the trials by error of her own life, and that, is just how sometimes life is, you need to test the waters yourselves, to know whether or not it fits you well or not!


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