The Perfect Illusion…

Well, you’re gonna, have to wake up soon, hon!!!

The perfect illusion, this, is what love is, to us all, because at the start of each and every relationship we get into, we’d, assigned too many expectations, because of the promising futures the two of us are foresee to share, but, that’s NOT happening, ‘cuz that, is so totally, NOT how reality goes sometimes…

and yeah, that, is what IT looks like at the very E-N-D too!!!

The illusion is perfect, it traps you, into the steady, comforting, sensation that you’re never going to be left or abandoned, that love is always going to be like this, just, the two of you, sharing this, wonderful life together, and yet, you still don’t see that there may be, other PLANS that fate had set up for you.

The illusion, so perfect, so enticing, and ALL who fell for it, is falling for it now, will be falling for it, somewhere IN the future, are the BIGGEST SUCKERS in this entire universe! And yet, you can’t really, live without the love of that certain special someone, can you? Of course N-O-T, ‘cuz s/he made you feel, like a hero, or a princess, and you get trapped by that façade, of the fairytale happily ever, false promise!

“Kiss me, and I’ll turn into a Prince!”, “Wait a sec, what if you don’t, and i get turned, into a slimy, yucky, FROG instead, huh???”

And that, is how perfect, all these, illusions of love are, until, that clock STRUCK midnight, and, Cinderella gets, TRAPPED inside that pumpkin carriage, ‘cuz she didn’t, get out on time, or how after Snow DIED, from taking just ONE bite, out of the harsh reality, and this time, the Seven Dwarfs decided to just, NAIL her coffin shut, as DEAD is final, it can’t be altered, not this time, not even in those age-old fairytales………


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