Pretending to be an Outsider

So I can, get a brand new perspective on things, kinda like when I said before how we need to be able to, examine our selves from the perspectives of other people?

Pretending to be an outsider, because that way, I can have, a more, objective point of view on things, so I won’t get, drawn in, by my own bias of what I already know. But this, is not at all that easy, especially when everybody knows everybody, there’s just, NO place for you to hide. Everywhere you go, you’d see people smiling at you, and you are forced, to smile back, even IF you don’t feel like you’re in a smiling mood…

the lone wolf…

Pretending to be an outsider, why, just move into a brand new town, and, you will be, an outsider, but, after you moved into that next town for a while, you’ll become, the “in-crowd” again, and then, you’d, lost that outsider, that objective perspective on things, and, you’re, forced to run away again.

Pretending to be an outsider, it’s easy, not to care about what’s happening, but, can you, really, let everything that had mattered to you, go? Of course N-O-T, that, is why you’re, experiencing this, dissonance here.

stranger in a strange town 的圖片結果a stranger in a strange town…not my picture.

Pretending to be an outsider, because I don’t want to be a part of all of you, I want to isolate myself (what’s wrong with that, huh???, and, don’t I have the option, of choosing how I want to live MY life???), from the rest of the known world, because sometimes, the world is, a total P-A-I-N, in my ASS!!!


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