A Heart that’s Rusted…

A heart that’s rusted, and no matter how much I’d, polished it, it just, won’t, return, to its, original shine again!!!

A heart that’s rusted, how did it get so rusty, I wondered? Could it be, that it’d been, damaged, and hurt over and over, and over again, that it’d finally, lost, its sense of feeling? Or, could it be because, I’d, left it out in the downpour too long?

it didn’t use to look like this, it use to have that shine, and now…

A heart that’s rusted, no amount of polishing you do to it, will give it back that original shine, and, you can only have, that rusty, old heart that’s having trouble, beating now. A heart that’s rusted, that, is the unavoided eventuality of things, as our hearts were, torn apart by this so-called love, both of us were, disappointed with our selves, as well as, each other, and, the heart that beat as one, finally, separated, broken into two, uneven portions………

A heart that’s, rusted, there’s, NO cure, and, there’s no, reversing this process that’s, begun, and so, our hearts will keep on, getting rusted more and more, until, it’d finally, stopped, beating altogether at the very end.

what it end up as…not my photo still…

A heart that’s rusted, how, do we, instill that new life force into it, can we even, make it, brand new again? I don’t know, I’d, never tried, I’d just always, thrown out those, rusty hearts, and buy myself new ones to replace the old!


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