My Daughter, the Matchmaker


“It’s not the least bit easy, being a matchmaker!”, my daughter carried my grandson into the house, and mumbled on.

Turns out, that she’d wanted to match make her high school best friend, Bai with a guy, the two of them made a date for coffee, but, my young grandson had stomach problems the night before their blind date, and the matchmaker couldn’t be there, Bai said, “I’m shy, I fear, that without you, there would be dead air, I think, we should, postpone the date.” A few weeks later, they’d made a date for the second time, and this time, my daughter’s best friend had a high fever, and couldn’t make the date, no wonder my daughter’s complaining!

a blilnd date…

“Since the olden times, all the most wonderful things take very long, you must be patient, as a matchmaker, thinking of how I met your dad back then, we’d had, our share of troubles too!”, I’d smiled and told her. Back then, my husband works in Keelung, and wouldn’t return home unless it’s the New Year’s, and, her cousin who was my neighbor wanted to, set us up, and set the date for the New Year’s, but, I’d picked the short end of the straw, to head to school for office duty on New Year’s, and so, I can only, give up on meeting him that time. Then, his cousin wanted to set us up during the Dragon Boat festivals, but, that very afternoon, maybe it was the food I’d eaten too much off, I’d started, having stomach troubles, and naturally, I’d, canceled it that time too.

I’d told my cousin, “We were able to make the dates twice already, perhaps, it’s because, I have, NO affinity with him, just, let it go then.” A few months later, I’d recalled that it was, a deep autumn evening, as we all finished supper, my cousin said she was coming over with her younger brother and a friend, I’d made fun, “it’s your boyfriend, isn’t it?”, she’d not made any explanations, and I’d guessed on. As we, a couple of young people sat with my parents, eating, drinking, and engaging in conversation, as my cousin got ready to leave, she’d told me in private, “This, was the guy I wanted to introduce you to!”

wonder who I’m meeting today…

And, my cousin’s hitting me so unexpectedly, had made my husband and I met under, the most normal of all circumstances. And, although, it’d taken us, over nine months, to finally meet up, we’d left a good impression on one another, and it’d made my marriage possible too.

I’d told my daughter, NOT to feel beaten, that she should, make more chances, and, if they were meant to be, then, they will, be.

So, this still shows, that affinity is already set, because the woman had dodged meeting her husband, because of things that came up, and he couldn’t make the dates for his reasons too, and yet, because this is an affinity that’s already, written in their charts, that, was why and how, they’d ended up, together, and, there’s no need, to hurry love, and, there’s no need, to worry about not having the love you want, or get married by a certain time, because what is going to happen, will happen, we just, never know when is all………


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