The Fatigue, Settling in…

The fatigue, settling in, and you feel, that attacks of, the sleepy bugs, crawling on your body, your eyes, making your eyelids, heavier, with the passing of, each and every single minute…

The fatigue, settling in, you feel it now, don’t you??? ‘Cuz you should, as you’d, lived your hard life since the very beginning, and, there’s still, NO end in sight, not for you!

and yeah, it’s, EXACTLY like T-H-A-T!!!

The fatigue, settling in, I could barely, lift my legs up, to crawl into bed, it’s just, one of THOSE days, you regretted, getting up in the morn, you know those, right??? The fatigue, settling in, and now, your mind’s FRIED, like that overheated computer that’s been, working, for 24/7, 365 straight.

And yet, unlike the computer, that went “black”, you’re still, “operating”, because you know there’s a LOT that’s waiting for you to finish, and that if you don’t, there will be, D-I-R-E consequences, so, you’d, dragged your selves through the mud and the muck, to finish, that last step…………

yeah, like that…

The fatigue, settling in, you feel, more and more, tired, and, at the end of the day, the moment, you lay yourselves down to sleep, all of a sudden, that ENERGY B-O-O-S-T, how’s that even possible? I’d been, dead DOG tired all day long, and now I can finally rest, I’m more than energetic again???


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