How Can You Still Want to Marry a Man Like That???

I, really, don’t know!!! A Q&A, translated…

Q: He had an affair, should I press it out of him?

S wrote on behalf of her best friend, W, based off of what S told me, W is a beautiful, and rich single mom, through the introductions of a friend, she’d met a man in his midlife years who’d ten years older than she is; the man is well-to-do, after working a few years in a private firm when he was younger, he’d quit his job and started investing in the stock markets, he’s really intelligent, made a lot of money.

When he was younger, the man had a short two years’ worth of marriage, and the reason for his divorce was, unknown; following this, he’d stayed single, but had, a ton of girlfriends.

not my photo…

W had dated him for a year now, the man loved her very much and had, spoiled her, and the two started discussing marriage too; but, unfortunately, not long ago, W found that he was dating a married woman from before. W was heartbroken, she doesn’t know what to do, and became unsure, if he would be the marrying kind according to her anymore.

A My Advice

W’s boyfriend, other than having that two-year’s worth of short lived marriage, he’d used his status as a golden bachelor, to attract the ladies, maybe he did, invest his love into the dates, or maybe, he was just, having fun, he’d not cared if the women he’d dated were married or not.

W should use the fact that her boyfriend dating a married woman as a warning for herself, if the man still couldn’t sever the ties completely with the woman he was with, then, W should just, break up with him, otherwise, she shouldn’t care about his past romances, making troubles for herself. The man had been placed on a high pedestal by women, normally wouldn’t be patient in answering to the inquiries of his past loves, and if you zoomed in on him, you will, ruin this love you have.

The man is already past sixty, and W, past fifty, at this age, it certainly wouldn’t be easy, finding a partner, and seeing how much you loved him, if he’d admitted to what he’d done, and was willing to, promise you the world, then, you should sit and observe him for a bit, to see if he’s actually, trustworthy, and this would be, a “homework” assignment for W, if she’s looking to marrying this man.

cheating 的圖片結果not my photo…

So, this makes you wonder, why would a woman want to promise the remaining of her years, to someone who’d, cheated on her? Perhaps, she’s, too desperate? Or that at her age, she doesn’t believe, that she’ll find someone who will lover her right like this man, although he’d done her wrong? She’s just, settling, because she feared being alone for the rest of her life, and that is the biggest mistake that anybody can make in love, because the fear of being alone, can drive you into the wrong kinds of love…


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