A Story Behind Every Face

what do you see, when you look at this???

There’s a story behind every face, even if the faces you encountered don’t and can’t make a single sound! A story behind every face, there is one, and, being curious, I’d wanted to, find out all about the stories, where they’re going, where will they all, end (not inside that huge pile that’s dumped into the garbage fill, I hope!)

A story behind every face, you’ll see them, if you only, observe them closely, like I’d done, there’s that hint of sorrow, sadness, masked up behind those painted-on smiles, don’t you see them now??? A story behind every face, that, is what I had, learned, from my rolling around this god DAMN hell of a world, that nothing IS ever as it appears to be, there’s always, something that’s hidden, deeper, way, way, WAY beneath the surfaces. You just need to, take the time, peel back all those thousands of layers of whatever they’d put on, kinda like opening up those Russian Dolls, until you finally reached, the C-E-N-T-E-R…

is this, what you will notice…even IF it’s painted over???

A story behind every face, that young woman, with the weathered look, that’s not fit, for someone as young as she, or that radiant child’s eye glow, in that elderly adult’s eyes, as she was visited by someone she forgot. All of these, are stories, waiting to be told, but, are you noticing them, are you, passing these, stories, along???

A story behind every face, there’s one, that look from that dirty-faced kid, who just got pulled off of his unfit mother, dragged away, crying, by the social workers, what’s HIS story, I wonder………


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