Chasing Their Dreams in Wheelchairs, Diving for the Winter Olympics and Even If They Were Paralyzed, It Still Didn’t Stop Them from Entering a Beauty Pageant

People who didn’t allow their handicaps to prevent them from chasing their dreams here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

This is, a different sort of a beauty pageant! The manager of the branch, Lo said, that the purpose of the beauty pageants are not for the injured to show how successful or how beaten they once were because of their injuries, but hoped that those who suffered spinal injuries can accept one’s own destiny, still face the future with optimism and confidence; she said, that last year, the very first of the pageants were held, of the competitors, four were married in the past year, two had children, “they’d originally thought that love was no longer possible, and through this competition, they were able to regain the love, their own smiles, and the most important thing they’d gained, was their self-confidence.”

The thirty-five year-old Yeh was a member of the Navy Seals, he’d dreamed of becoming a diving coach, but when he was twenty-three, he was in a car crash that injured his spinal column. He said, that the first five years after he was paralyzed, he’d hidden out at home, unable to go into the public again, and he’d gotten involved with the foundation, and started drumming, and singing too; and last year, he received his diving instructor certification, and in November, he’ll be competing on behalf of Taiwan, in the winter Olympics.

在輪椅上訴說自己的人生,他們要重拾過去的微笑。 記者葉建宏/攝影photo from…

The twenty-one year-old He who loved basketball, two years ago, due to a car crash, started living on a wheel chair too, he’d had to bid farewell to his favorite sport of basketball. He said, that during his hospitalization, his parents helped make him better all day long, but he’d blamed his own parents, and wallowed in self-pity, until this year, he’d lost both his grandfather and grandmother, did he shocking come to the senses that he’d stripped away the time his parents had, of taking care of his elderly grandparents; and now, he’d not only learned to take care of himself, he’d also, “found his smiles back too”.

So, these are the people who had been through the lowest of their lives, and, they’d found back their values, their self-confidences back, through this social activity.


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