Geometry, a Poem


The Radiation Came, from the Distance

Through Various Angles, it’d Penetrated My

Varied Auxiliary Lines

Attempted to Map Out

finding someone so special here, not my art!!!

Getting Closer to that

Hanging in Mid-Air

Invisible Heart of Mine

Slowly, We’d Become, Melted into Each Other

As the Radiuses of the Steels

Allowing the Two Arcs to Merge in Shadows

two halves of a whole 的圖片結果and, how well, do you think this’ll work, huh???

Like a Kiss;

So Certain


And Very Fitting, to Love, Each Other

So, this, is how two hearts merge, you’d become, two halves of a whole, and by merging together, you two became, complete, but this, is only the first step to love, what comes next and how you will handle it, is the key of whether or not you either make, or break!!!


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