My Mother’s Bracelets


Awhile ago, as I’d thumbed across, “I Broke My Elbow”, I can’t help, but remember my own deceased mother, other than bracelets, she’d never worn any other jewelry. There’s a reason to this, several times my mother had tripped and fallen, it was because of the bracelet, that’s prevented her from breaking her wrist, and so, she’d firmly believed, that the bracelets have a way, for keeping her safe, said that the bracelets can help fend off bad luck for their owners, that if the bracelet broke in half, that meant, that the bad luck had, surpassed.

what these bracelets looked like, not my photo…

My mother was born at the start 1911, and the women born that year had an especially hard time living, not only were they supposed to take care of their in-laws, taking care of their husband’s younger siblings’ living, they’d needed to, raise their own young too, took care of ALL the household chores, how could they have the time, to “dress for themselves”? And so, after I’d started working, I’d used my very first wage, to buy her a brand new bracelet; it’d cost $5,000N.T. sixty years ago, but from the perspectives of today, I must’ve gotten conned by the bad businessmen, but my mother never minded it, she’d worn the bracelet I gave her around her wrist every single day, it’d moved me so. Until one year, my mother tripped, and fell again, there was, a crack on the bracelet I bought for her, but she was okay, and after that, she’d started wearing the bracelet my older sister gave to her.

Afterwards, after I’d asked for permission from my mother, I’d gotten the bracelet I gave to her back with him, as memorabilia, and, four years ago, as my daughter got married, I’d taken out the collection of bracelets I had stored up for her to pick from—told her the stories behind all of them too; after my daughter heard the stories, she’d chosen the bracelet that her grandmother had worn from before, her sensible choice made me feel, so heartwarming.

comes in a wide variety of shapes and thickness and colors too…not my photo…

So, this heirloom is, passed down to the next generation, and, what’s passed down was not just the object, but also, the feelings, the memories attached to the object, and, the bracelet carried the memories of the writer’s mother’s life, and, as her daughter chose it, it’d become, significant to her…


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